Let family, friends & fans follow your games live 👏👏👏

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Shoot pictures, videos and report live from your games. Everyone on site can contribute, people at home can follow and cheer.

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Some of the clubs that already use Sportswik

Live reporting

Push notifications

Goal & event reporting

175 000+ users

Player interviews

Anyone can be a reporter

Sportswik makes it simple to create fun and professional looking coverage from games at any level.

For family, friends and fans 😲

Never miss a moment!

With the Sportswik app you can follow the game action from anywhere. Never miss a moment again.

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For players and staff 🤜💥🤛

Get the attention you deserve

Traditional media doesn't cover grassroots sports anymore. With Sportswik, the players finally get the attention and appreciation they deserve.

For everyone interested in the team ❤️

Cheer on - no matter where you are

With Sportswik, all teams - regardless of age and level - can get the same fun reporting as the big teams.

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Watch a video about Sportswik

Get an idea of what the app can add to your team community.

Anyone can contribute ⏱

Quick and easy live reporting

Custom-designed features makes the game timeline quick and easy to update with goals and other game events.

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Special features - only for sports 🏆

Lineups, player interviews and more.

Sportswik is a niche social media for sports. This means you will find a lot of customized sports features that you do not find in a Facebook group or on Twitter.

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Increase coverage, engagement and the overall profile of your league and its clubs. Get a state-of-the-art auto-generated website with league results, match highlights and commentaries.

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Worlds best sports app, a bit like Facebook but for Sports”

Skellefteå IBK
Swedish team using Sportswik

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